About Us

Corporate Profile

Helix is a mid-sized pharmaceutical company and a distinguished member of the Hakimsons Group founded in the year 1921. Since 1965, Helix enjoys a technical collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company of Japan. Takeda is ranked No.1 in Asia and is amongst the top fifteen in the world.

Helix’s mission is to provide the latest pharmaceutical products to patients at prices that are affordable, while maintaining quality standards that are acceptable to Regulatory Authorities at home and abroad. It is with this resolve, that we have concentrated our efforts around treatments for infectious diseases, cardiac metabolic illnesses, psychological ailments, chest diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological complications and various eye conditions.
We are committed to extend our support to clinicians by providing them with the latest clinical developments using a variety of methods that include one on one conference with our medical consultants, CMEs, RTDs and LSPs conducted by distinguished medical scholars.

As a growing company, Helix strives continuously to assure customer satisfaction by providing the best possible quality and value for its products. The company and its management firmly believe in Helix playing a significant role in moving “TOWARDS A HEALTHIER FUTURE”.