Message from the CEO

Helix is uniquely positioned in markets that exceed a population of two hundred million people stricken by Malaria, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Psychological disorders and various strains of recurring infectious diseases. By partnering up with Takeda, a global pharmaceutical research company, we have gained access to their intellectual assets and remain committed to their Quality Management Systems and compliance requirements, in addition to our own standards of excellence. It is with this resolve and commitment to management best practices that we endeavor to target diseases prevalent in Asia & Africa.

We will continue to cherish the dedication and perseverance of our people and their families, to whom we owe our success and industry recognition. We will also continue to invest in continuous learning, past and present development by persevering in various skill enhancement programs and develop career itineraries, enabling them to navigate their future confidently, even in times uncertain and replete with economic adversities.

We continue to stand committed to our pursuit for excellence in everything that we do with the conviction to make a difference in people’s lives, holding firmly to the belief that for every ailment there is a remedy.