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Business Development

The foundation of our business development strategy is the desire to bring innovation and life enhancing therapies to our patient. We bring significant strengths and experience through collaboration. One such is the rich pipeline of a major global pharmaceutical company - TAKEDA, complements our fundamental perspective as a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, with a bold entrepreneurial drive.

Partner in Pakistan

As member of the Hakimsons Group established since 1921, we enjoy a technical collaboration with Takeda, Japan's largest pharmaceuticals company, included in the top fifteen pharmaceutical companies of the world. TAKEDA is a research-based global pharmaceutical. It is the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan and one of the global leaders of the industries is our strong partner in Pakistan.


In order to harness technology and talent beyond our internally available resources; we will license proprietary compounds that have, a proven safety profile and superior efficacy over existing molecules and investing in long term brand development in Pakistan.

Quality Management System

At Helix, we have a systematic monitoring and evaluation of products and its efficiency which include regulation of raw materials, products, product components, services related to production along with management and inspection processes. Our facilities comply with cGMP and WHO Standards and have consistently scored high with regulatory compliance. The fact that our products are well accepted and their demand is increasing globally reflects the confidence in their quality by the medical community of doctors and patients.

Raw Materials

Raw materials are sourced from globally renowned manufacturers. These materials are subjected to a demanding schedule for various testing procedures. Production of quality products at manufacturing plant is approved through regulatory authorities and the principal companies whose products are manufactured by Helix Pharma under license.

Manufacturing Plant

Helix is equipped with state of the art manufacturing facility with Hi-Tech equipment along with complete required systems installed to ensure strict international cGMP compliance. We monitor quality through quality systems that ensure consistent quality of our product. Our manufacturing facilities are ideally suited for the specific needs of our customers. Following are our main sections:


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