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Valsar-S is a combination of 2 drugs used to reduce the risk of death and hospitalizations in people with long-lasting heart failure. It is usually used with other medicines to treat heart failure.

Valsar M is an oral blood pressure lowering combination medicine.

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Always consult your physician before taking any medicine.

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Generic Name

Valsar S – Sacubitril+Valsartan
Valsar M – .Amlodipine + Valsartan


Valsar S – 24 mg+26 mg
Valsar S – 49 mg+51 mg
Valsar S – 97 mg+103 mg
Valsar M – 10 mg + 160 mg
Valsar M – 5 mg + 160 mg
Valsar M – 5 mg + 80 mg

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